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We’re all spending a lot more time at home these days, and the comfort and quality of our at-home spaces are of the highest priority.  Having the right amount of space and configurations that work for multiple purposes are top-of-mind. 

If you’ve decided you’re ready to build a new home, your next move is choosing a general contractor.  There are a lot of choices and it can be overwhelming.  Here are just a few factors to help determine which builder is going to be right for you:  

Are they experienced? Do they build a plan that meets your needs? Are they local? Can they build a quality house that fits within your budget? How do they manage changes? How do they communicate? 

And finally, do you have a good rapport?  

The key to a successful build is communication and you want to feel comfortable in all your interactions throughout the process. 

At Maris Construction, we make your choice simple, straightforward and rewarding.  Yes, building a home is a complicated process, but with open and proactive communication, we can assure your expectations are met and you are satisfied. 

Unlike others, we focus as much on getting you in your new home as we do on getting the signed contract.  We have a reputation for providing the highest quality work at the fairest prices.  We'll earn your business and respect.

Let us prove to you that all contractors are NOT the same.  We pride ourselves on our numerous referrals. Ask us for references.

Take a moment to visit our gallery and see the quality of work that has built the solid reputation of Maris Construction.

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